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Quality in High-Volume Electronics Design:Manufacturing and Deployment

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The world of high-volume electronic manufacturing is highly competitive and complex, presenting numerous challenges to the companies who develop these products. With design, software, manufacturing, delivery, and warehousing often provided by a variety of suppliers, the challenge to coordinate all these contributing sources is immense, especially when typical volumes of consumer electronics are in millions of units per month. In order to deliver defect-free products, all of the literally hundreds of activities involved must be carried out flawlessly.


About Vino Mody

Vino Mody has served as vice president of quality in four electronics companies over the last 25 years. He holds a BS degree in electrical engineering and in mechanical engineering from University of Bombay; a traffic engineering diploma from Yale University; an MS degree in operations research and industrial administration from Ohio State University; and an MBA from University of Dayton, Ohio.



This book is about customer satisfaction and cost control with high-volume electronic products. In fact, the end goal in quality is about pleasing the customer and avoiding cost of rework, scrap, repair, and recall. The book takes a practical stand and offers sound advice on what to do and not to do to accomplish this goal. The book is not about a new quality program or a new management philosophy or a catchy quality theme, as there are already many good books available on those topics. It contains knowledge gained over years regarding desired disciplines that improve quality and specific pitfalls that adversely affect quality, reliability, and total cost.


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